This modality allows participants to do the activity in any amount of stages, keeping in mind a few aspects:

  • To calculate stages that end in places with accommodation (such as most of the villages in the itinerary).
  • The itinerary is circular, so it’s possible to start and finish in the same place and leaving the car there.

It should be considered that if we wanted to finish the challenge in, for instance, 3 stages, it would be 35 kilometers every day; in four stages it would be 26 kilometers, etc.

This modality requires more logistics since it’s necessary to organise the accommodation, food, the transport of the luggage, transfer from the accommodation to the car, or for instance cultural visits. All this logistic is something that can be solved by the participant according to his preferences, but the organization of Patanegra Challenge will provide advice and even handle these matters if  it’s requested by the participant.

For example, a group of four people that arrive by car and want to finish the challenge in four days will need accommodation in Santa Ana la Real for one night, and then plan the following 4 stages with a place to stay for every night, breakfast and dinner included.

Another example: a family that owns a house in La Sierra wants to try the challenge in 5 days, but they come back home every night to sleep, carrying on the next day from the same place where  they stopped the previous night.

Both cases are possible. The first one will have to hire additional services for the accommodation and food, but the second one will only need a car to pick them up daily and taking them home  and back to the challenge the next morning.

This modality is the hardest to organise so we strongly recommend to fulfill the request form for information, from the end of the menu situated on the top of the site, or in this link.