This modality is divided in two different categories: in less than 24 hours and in stages.

This modality also requires a good physical preparation if the participant is trying to do it in less than 24 hours, because eve tho the cyclability is around 80%, all the paths are very technicals and require a lot of concentration.  The thick vegetation in some parts and a few particularly hard slopes help making this itinerary quite challenging.

We would like to stand out some of the most risky descendant slopes:

  • From El Castaño to la Peña de Arios Montano, with some parts with a wide path but very sloping and with loose stones.
  • From Galaroza to La Nava there is a gravel pathway very wide and sloping, crossing a national road at the end.
  • The hardest one is from Cortegana to the small village of Acebuche, due to the thick vegetation and the constant leaps and steps on the path.

Also, the crossings with national road that we specified previously must also be considered as dangerous when facing this challenge in mountain bike, specially because some of them come after a long descendent slope. We do not recommend to do this activity carrying saddlebags.