This modality, as it is known, combines  MTB with running. The idea is to offer the possibility of doing the itinerary the following way: 21 kms running through the mountains, 74 kms of MTB and another 10 kms running again. This forces the participant to do at least two transitions to change shoes and to take and leave the bike.

It’s also a demanding modality that aims to very sportive people. It requires a lot of technical knowledge since usually this kind of events do not take place crossing as technical places as this mountains in la Sierra de Huelva .

The recommended transitions are:

  • The first one would be in the Puerto de Linares, after Alájar, in the km 24.
  • Second one would be in Km 91 in the mosque of Almonaster (that would be the km 67 done with MTB) and 12 km would be left for running through the mountains.